CW / Voice Announcements

Within this range the settings for the CW identification and for ID sending are made.
ID's and receipts should be generally very reservedly used, so that these do not go with the time on the nerves.

Speed (WPM) Frequency (Hz) Volume 0-32000 Courtesy Tones ID if Idle Force ID enabled Courtesy CW ID CW Apply

Speed (WPM)

Here the speed in WPM (words per minute) one configures to the CW-identification.

Frequency (Hz)

Here the audio frequency of the CW-identification is registered. A pitch is according to experience around 800 Hz pleasantly and good to hear. 

Volume 0-32000

Here the level of the CW-identification one configures. 

Courtesy Tones

If a checkmark is set here, each mark a courtesy tone (rogerbeep or text in CW) is sent, if that switches Gateway to receipt. The text box 'Courtesy CW' can be one or more characters. Detail in addition with Courtesy CW. 

ID if Idle

Here if a checkmark is set and the Gateway is standby, i.e. it does not take place a QSO over the server, then an identification in CW is sent over the radio. The CW-ID is entered in the text field ID CW. The time interval between the sending of the identification (CW-ID) is given by the eQSO server and cannot not be affected by the Gateway operator.

Force ID enabled

If a checkmark is set here, periodically an identification in CW will be sent over the radio, also during enterprise on the server prevails. The CW-ID is entered in the text field 'ID CW'. The time after the one ID is sent, depends on the attitude of the server and cannot by the Gateway operator not be affected.

Courtesy CW

In the text field 'Courtesy CW' can be entered one or more caracters. The letter E is in the Morse code a short beep (dit) and as simplest rogerbeep is in such a way used. Is also a K (dah di dah) for coming conceivable. 


In the text field 'ID CW' can be entered one or more characters. Is for example the callsign of the Gateway and/or QTH Locator conceivable. In order to obtain a break, an underline (_) can be used.
Details to the rendition of audio ID's are in chapter Setup RF Announcements.


Through the settings within the range CW/Audio Settings click are stored and are immediately effective on this button.