Callsign / Comment

Callsign Comment Send


Before you can connect yourself with a server, you must fill in your Callsign into the field 'Callsign'. Please note that you have to add '-L' to identify your Gateway as a Link. Otherwise, there is an error message:


The callsign must have 4 to 8 characters. To Begin may hold up to three letters. Example: UK016-L or USA352-L. It may also have three or more digits at the start. Example: 013TH200 or 26409A-L.

Some server operators assign callsigns for their servers. In addition inform your self by the respective server operator. References to the Internet side or to email you find in the monitoring.


As comment to the gateway you should register the following data:

A complete example looks like that:

446 Ch06(19) Dronfield, Derbyshire, UK, IO93GH

This is only one example!!!  Possibly you can add the URL for your homepage of the gateway.
You experience details with the respective server operator, at whom gateway is to be announced.


Over this button a short message can be sent. Everything which in the window for the 'Comment' is written, can be transferred, even while someone is talking. This message is indicated in the station window as description of gateway with the own station and can be read of all stations in this area and also over eQSO System Monitor. A user who is using a radio over a gateway does not receive this message naturally. This function should be used only on a PC-Client, so that the users can read the real information about your gateway.