Callsign / Comment

Callsign Comment Send


Before you can connect yourself with a server, you must fill in your Callsign into the field 'Callsign'. As Callsign you can take a Nickname, the SWL number (eg. SWL-13637), the Callsign for Amateur Radio (if you have a license) or yust a funny name. If the callsign is missing, you will get an error message:



As Comment you have to use your Name, your City (QTH), your Country and if you know your QTH-Locator. Here an example: Roger, Wittmund, NDS, Germany, JO33VN. You can use this Comment Line also to send Messages.


Over this button a short message can be sent. Everything which in the window for the Comment is written, can be transferred, even while someone is talking. This message is indicated in the station window as description of the PC User and can be read of all stations in this area and also over eQSO System Monitor. A user who is using a radio over a gateway does not receive this message naturally.