PTT and in/output Level

Line In PTT Mic Output Silence Level

Line In (Checkbox)

If a tick is set, instead of the microphone the Line In of the sound card is used.

PTT (Space)

To send press and hold the button with the left mouse or use the space bar (on the keyboard). This function is needed on a Gateway only in the exceptional case or for testing, because the Gateway will be switched to transmission by the radio (with PMR devices by VOX, because the squelchsignal (COS) with these devices usually are not to be measured).

Mic (Vox, Vu, Vol)

These automatic controllers serve for adjustment the signal coming from the loudspeaker of the radio. Completely left is the automatic controller (Vox) for the sensitivity of the VOX. The automatic controller as deeply as possible adjust, so that the VOX in the no-load operation (without audio signal) does not respond yet. Vu is the recording level indicator for the microphone entrance of the sound map. With the volume controller (Vol) the desired microphone volume can be adjusted. It must be paid attention to the fact that the recording level indicator goes to no time into the red range, because this becomes apparent during the speech transmission otherwise as scratching noises. This attitude is very important and should be tested with different radios via Gateway.

Output (Vu, Vol)

Vu is the recording level indicator for the loudspeaker exit of the sound map. With the volume controller (Vol) the desired volume can be adjusted. The adjusted signal  goes to the microphone entrance of the transceiver. It is important to ensure that the volume is not too loud, otherwise the stroke of the transceiver will be active and the output signal distorted.

Silence Level

The silence level serves for the fact that the VOX is held when speaking, even if quiet passages or breaks occur.
The automatic controller for the silence level should stand so far as possible on the left side, so that the VOX in the breaks does not drop. It must be placed in addition, as far as necessarily to the right, thus with closed squelch the VOX drops.

In order to make the attitude, you can proceed as follows:

Case 1: eQSO stops sending after closing the squelch (white station window) - > silence level can be completely left on the left side.

Case 2:  eQSO continues sending (blue station window) - > push silence level in small steps to the right side, until eQSO stops sending (to recognize by the white station window).

If necessary readjust the function by repeated opening and closing of the squelch.