RF Gateway Settings

Dial-up to Internet on Connect Auto-Reconnect VOX ALC Squelch Settling [ms] Rig Keying Transmission Display

Dial-up to Internet on Connect

If a checkmark is set here, the software will start a dial-up over a modem, as soon as the button 'Connect' is pressed. This option is not very meaningful for a Gateway, because a Gateway is even continuing usually several hours or in enterprise. During an Internet entrance via telecommunications there is typically however no flatrate, which can produce therefore high connecting costs.


This check box serves to connect after an interruption for the server, again automatically. This can be helpful, if the provider disconnects daily the ADSL connection. Here if a checkmark is set, the connection is automatically repaired, otherwise the connection to the server must be repaired manually over the button 'Connect'.

VOX (Checkbox)

If in this check box a checkmark is set, by the audio signal coming from the loudspeaker of the radio into the microphone entrance of the sound map, the PTT palpation is controlled toward conference servers. See in addition also the settings to VOX controllers and the silence level. This VOX does not have to do anything with the VOX in the menu Rig Keying.

ALC (Checkbox)

If in this check box a checkmark is set, with over-regulation of the microphone it regulates automatically back. ALC = automatic level control. The ALC is useful for the first time set up the Gateways to help to adjust the microphone level. However, it is not advisable, to use the ALC continuously, because a too strong modulated station leads to the level for the rest of (normal) stations is too small.

Squelch Settling [ms]

The attitude of the squelch settling time needs intuitive feeling. This time waits for the software after dropping the PTT palpation at the radio, until something is sent toward Internet. The correct attitude prevents a mutual swing of the Gateways in the same room.

That is why it is important to adjust this attitude seriously. Beginning with a value of 1500 ms and reduce this value in the next days in which you observe your Gateway. If your Gateway begins to bouncing, i.e. gropes for a sending of the own or another Gateway briefly up, the time was too small selected.

Note: The software must be freshly started each mark, if a new attitude of the squelch settling is made. 

Rig Keying

A new window for the PTT and squelch settings is opened by clicking on this button. Details see under Rig Keying.

Transmission Display

The circle symbol right beside the button for the Rig Keying changes from grey on red, if the transmitter of the radio is groped.