Rig Keying

Over the button 'Rig Keying' on the main window one arrives at the following window, where all settings for the PTT and Squelch settings can be configured. 

Rig Control Method Continuous Tone Setup iLink Board Setup G8JVW Board Setup Sound Card Setup COM Port Keying Timeing Back

Rig Control Method

In this range the kind of the PTT control of the radio is stopped. The following options are available:

Continuous Tone Setup

These settings are effective only if during the Rig Keying the option Continuous Tone were selected. With a frequency of 80 HZ a satisfying result is in most cases obtained. If on the radio CTCSS is switched on, the same frequency as for tries CTCSS is used (e.g. frame 127 HZ). The level needed for a perfect enterprise must be determined by trying.

iLink Board Setup

Here the COM port is selected, over which iLink the board is attached at the PC. 

G8JVW Board Setup

Over this interface there are no informations in the Internet. A description of the settings is possible for me therefore not.

Sound Card Setup

Here you choose the sound card, which eQSO should be used. In general, the Sound-Card1. It is also possible to use a second sound card for eQSO and hence two VoIP applications simultaneously.

COM Port Keying

Here the COM port is selected, over which the interface is attached at the PC. Besides can be used either the RTS or the DTR control signal of the RS-232-Schnittstelle for the palpation of the PTT at the radio. A checkmark in the check box inverse function serves logic of the PTT palpation for the reversal (if the radio is groped, if it should receive actually and in reverse). With the Carrier Operated Squelch interface (control line CTS or DSR) can be evaluated a squelchsignal by the receiver (if available) over the COM. A checkmark in the check box inverse function serves the logic of the Squelch palpation for the reversal (if in Internet is sent, if no signal will actually receive and in reverse). If at the radio no squelchsignal is available and/or led out, the attitude VOX can be used.


TX Timeout is the time limit in seconds, that means how long eQSO can push the PTT of the radio, for example the value of 300 means 5 minutes. Restart TX Time is the time in seconds eQSO will wait to to use the PTT again. The value 0 turns off this function.


With this button the entries of the Rig Keying are stored 


Over this button the changes are rejected.