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Download eQSO software vers. 2.50 in several languages
(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Hungarian of 7.6.2010)

Download eQSO-Client for PMR Radio Download eQSO-Gateway for PMR Radio Download eQSO-Server for PMR Radio Download eQSO-Admin-Tool for PMR Radio
 PC Client  RF Gateway  Server  Admin Tool


Installation of the PC Client software for example

Unzip the file client_setup.exe out of and launch it.

You'll get the following window::

Here you can select the language, in which you would like to install the eQSO Client.

Afterwards the installation in the appropriate language begins.

Here you can see the version and the packed date. Click for continuing 'Next >'.

Here you have to accept the license agreement (checkbox) and confirm with 'Next >'.

Here you get some information about the Client 2.50, confirm with 'Next >'.

Here you can change the folder of the programm. Otherwise click 'Next >'.

Here you can change the name of the start menu folder. Otherwise click 'Next >'.

Here you can create a desktop icon or a quick launch icon. Then 'Next >'.

Here you can see an overview of the installation project. Select 'Install' for continuing.

If you had installed the program already before, then you'll get the following window:

Here you can prevent with 'No' that already personal entries in the favorites are overwritten, or however with 'Yes' the server list to update, whereby the callsign and the description are lost and must be entered again.

Afterwards the installation begins and with the following window is locked:

Here you get more informations about other eQSO Software to download. Confirm with 'Next >'.

Here you can remove the hook, if you want to launch the program not immediately. You can close the window with 'Finish'.

The program is now installed and can be used.