eQSO System Monitor

The eQSO Systems Monitor is an own program, that you can open over the button 'See Who's on the System' in the main window. It represents a Explorer view of all at present attainable servers. A + before a server means that in one or more rooms present stations are logged in. Through these click on the + sign in Windows Explorer manners opened unfold and the rooms and stations which are in it will become visibly.

A green filled out circle shows a station (PC user or Gateway) over those at present a discussion runs.

An actualization of the list is done automatically every minute or every 15 minutes, depending on choice. It can also be obtained manually by clicking on the button 'Refersh'

The eQSO System Monitor is also an excellent possibility to get fast from one room to the other and be able to listen or to speak to others. Therfor the desired room to connect is to mark with the left mouse button (so that it is blue underlaid) and through to click on the button 'Connect to selected Room' you will get into this room. This function makes little sense with a Gateway however, except for tests.