Some Information about the System


The system "PMR Radio" was build with the help of David (2E1EHM) and Roger (DC4FS).

The monitoring server is running under and is the second monitoring server beside (AFU).

There are no special network rules in the monitoring! It understands itself however automatically, which is kept valid right. No rachistic, force-wonderful-ends, etc. of comments. For the observance the server operator is responsible.

There are no restrictions on the servers, if the servers are registered and they are operated accordingly the respective national rule and a valid email address is in the info line of the server. (This is necessary, in order to be able to write to the server operator, if there are possibly problems or informations.)

In this system there is no central call signal assignment for gateways! This means each server operator regulates that.

Each radio can be operated in this system, as long as they correspond to the legal regulations of the respective country. Details regulate the respective server operator.

For the system there are also new programs, because the monitoring server is a component of the program:

Client version in several languages:
Gateway version:

For problems, suggestions, desires and so on, send email to eqso-admin(at)

The side informs about the system and the servers. Here are also links to the webpages of the server operators.

So far to the conception of the monitoring system on PMR Radio. I wish altogether good conversation on this free platform.


73, Roger (DC4FS)